Shared hosting means that your site, along with other sites, is hosted in a single server. This means that your own site as well as other sites on the same server share the same resources. Such as space, ram, CPU, etc. So you always find that the prices of these hosting plans are the lowest among all other hosting plans.
We are now reviewing the main advantages of shared hosting.

1. First property

Cheapest prices compared to others. Shared hosting is always the cheapest of all other hosting plans.

2. Second property

You do not need to know about server management. You will have an easy control panel to manage your site.

3. Third property

It is always protected within the server’s protection, so the management of the hosting site of the server is primarily responsible for protecting your site.


However, as there are advantages, there must be some disadvantages such as:

  •  If one of the sites hosted on the same server depletes the resources of the server, it will affect all other sites. Of course, as the technology evolves, the hosting server can set up some of the programs necessary to identify resources for each site.
    For example, we say that each site has the right to use 20% of RAM and 15% of processor capacity. Thus, if one of the sites exceeds the resources assigned to it, it would be the only one that will be affected and not the rest of the sites. BTW, This feature applies to all our servers.
  • Shared hosting capacity is weaker than other plans such as VPS and Dedicated Servers.
  • In case of a server crash for any reason .. All sites hosted on it will be automatically disabled.
  • Less secure than all other hosting plans like VPS and Dedicated Servers.

Therefore it is always recommended to buy a shared hosting for beginners, and people who do not have sufficient experience to manage servers and develop and protect. This does not mean that this type of hosting is bad, but depends on the host company of the server.
So be sure to always to deal with a reliable company and have a reputation for those things, and alert here I am not saying the most famous, but the most capable!.

By the way there are a lot of companies that give you guarantees of continuity of service and the work of your site without any interruption or problems. Some other companies may also offer you free offers to test the service, but you should also trust these companies because they simply put your site in the best of their servers, which do not have a large number of shared sites. But when you sign up with them they take you to another busy server, and then you are surprised that the service is getting weaker and that there is a frequent interruption in the service.