Intro to Web Hosting.

You and I, we all know that this age is the age of the Internet. In the recent past, we were very impressed with mobile technology and it became necessary for each of us to own a mobile phone to keep up with the technology of the day. Similarly, now we are in the age of the Internet revolution, where it is also necessary for everyone to own a website.

These sites may differ from being a personal site (blog), or being more professional, such as some persons would show some of their skills, such as a person who specializes in repairing mobile devices, or displays his skills and services in the field of lawyers and so on.

So I think it’s time for you to own your website. On this page I will guide you to the necessary steps to have a beautiful site that may not cost you a few dollars.

Step 1:

You must have your own domain. Domain means the name of the site.

Step 2:

After having you beautiful domain, it’s time to choose a good hosting plan, that’s where you will store all your site contents such as, images, videos, or even easier just install wordpress that will help you to manage all the hard works.

Step 3:

Through the you domain control panel, point your domain to your hosting server using the IP number (IP4), or by using the DNS feature.


And now you are .. You have a site of your own can now be allocated according to your desire .. Either to make it a personal blog or to make it specialized in the area you are creative in it.
Here are some tips for you to customize your first site.

1. Make it a personal blog
Through the use of powerful content management software (WordPress) can create a personal code and of course WordPress system you can easily upload files such as audio files or pictures and others.

2 – specialization in the area you are creative in it
This is in the best idea for you .. Show your skills and abilities in the area you are creative in it. You will find that your site has thousands and thousands of visitors from around the world.
Earn Money Online

3- Make money through the internet.
Have you ever thought about making money through your own site? Do not be surprised. This is becoming common these days. Just take a look at our education pages and you will find a special section that talks about profit through the internet.